Estudios científicos

A continuación ofrecemos algunos estudios que relacionan exposición a CEM y problemas de salud. Puede encontrar más evidencias científicas actualizadas en las webs recomendadas en enlaces de interés.


Johansson & Liu 1995
"Electrosensitivity, electrosupersensitivity and screen dermatitis: preliminary observations from on-going studies in the human skin
Johansson et al 1996
A screening of skin changes, with special emphasis on neurochemical marker antibody evaluation, in patients claiming to suffer from "screen dermatitis" as compared to normal healthy controls
Johansson et al 1994a
Skin changes in so-called "screen dermatitis". Preliminary results
Johansson et al 1994b
Immunohistochemical studies of skin changes in so-called "screen dermatitis" with special reference to neurochemical mark-ers
Johansson et al 1994c
Skin changes in patients claiming to suffer from "screen dermatitis": a two-case open-field provocation study
Johansson et al 1999a
A case of extreme and general cutaneous light sensitivity in combination with so-called "screen dermatitis" and "electrosensitivity" - a successfull rehabilitation after vitamin A treatment - a case report
Gangi & Johansson 1997
Skin changes in "screen dermatitis" versus classical UV - and ionizing irradiation-related damage - similarities and differences
Gangi & Johansson 2000
A theoretical model based upon mast cells and histamine to explain the recently proclaimed sensitivity to electric and/or magnetic fields in humans
Johansson et al 2001
Cutaneous mast cells are altered in normal healthy volunteers sitting in front of ordinary TVs/PCs - results from open-field provocation experiments
Södergren & Johansson 2001
Commentary: Mobile telephones - will the golden goose become the mad cow?